Sunday, July 13, 2014

I try to embrace humanity with love. Sometimes it is hard for me. Mostly the difficulties arise from my own anxiety and insecurities. A funny thing is that I have always had a distance and anxiety towards other human beings, but at the same time I have a strong desire to create intimate connections with others. It is one of my life callings. When I succeed in forming those connections, wonderful things happen. They take time and energy, but they are worth the effort.

On the other hand, sometimes it is hard to make the choice to move towards connection. I am a true introvert, and interacting with most people is very draining to me. Lots of times, I think that I would rather read a book or go for a long walk than spend time interacting with others. I have been making progress towards making the connection choice more often this year. The key is making more conscious decisions instead of quick reactions in the moment.