Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Today I was mildly distraught in the morning. Mornings are when my mind is most awake, and I can really think well. It is also when I see problems and exert myself in finding answers.

The rest of today was spent working. I write so many articles each day I think that I might truly be reaching the point where I know everything! It is too bad the work is so draining. I have had some opportunities that I have passed up recently because I knew they were the kind of jobs that turned me into a zombie. It is always hard learning a new type of job. Some flow more quickly than others. Those are my favorite. I always prefer content over copy too.

Family life is family life. I am grateful for it, but sometimes, I just want a few days of total aloneness.

I am enjoying spring. We do not yet have one spring flower although I see daffodil, grape hyacinth and tulip shoots. We have had some very nice weather with lots of sun and just the right amount of rain.

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