Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Day in the Life

This isn't one of those regular day-in-the-life posts where I post what I do as it is happening or after the fact. I have had some questions about what I do with my time, especially since I work from home and have a plethora of teens and young adults at home, and I thought I'd share my basic schedule.

Typically, days on which Diana goes to work at the daycare center look very similar. Here is my schedule with a few interjections about the kids. They all have their own complicated schedules so I won't tell everything that they do, only the things that I regularly notice or am part of.

6:15 - I get up at 6:15. Sometimes I awake earlier, at around 5:45, but I usually lounge in bed until 6:15. Then, I get up and start getting things ready for Diana to go to work. I pull her lunch and tea out of the fridge, start the coffee pot and make sure the path to the bathroom is clear.

6:30 - At 6:30, I wake Diana and move her along into the shower. (She is not a morning person.) While she showers, I pack her bag and make her a cup of hot tea or coffee.

6:45 - Next, I chat with Diana while she gets ready for the day. In the winter, I clear off the car and scrape ice if necessary. Sometimes, I need to shovel. On bad days, I wake up Toni to help!

7:15 - I kiss Diana good-bye and start on my own morning routine. I shower, put on lotion, get dressed and do my hair.

7:45 - I make myself a cup of coffee and some breakfast. Usually I have yogurt or oatmeal or a breakfast bar. Once in awhile, I make eggs. Then I sit and eat at my computer. I run quickly through my email, take a glance at Facebook and spend a few moments visiting some other sites. This is a real quick process to me because I don't like to spend a lot of time on any of that.

8:30 - At 8:30, I start the laundry and from then on this entire schedule should be punctuated with times when I am dealing with laundry. On good days, I hang my laundry outside, which takes awhile. On bad weather days, I hang it inside. I won't bore you with adding laundry remarks much after this point. After laundry, I take care of any necessary early dinner prep like thawing things or putting things in the crockpot. Sometimes I start a loaf of bread. Then I wash my breakfast dishes. Josie is up by this time, and we chat a little bit. If the kitchen is messy in any way, I clean it. (The kids sometimes use the kitchen at night.)

9:00 - I am back at my computer. I might send a quick email to Diana or otherwise message her even though she won't get it 'til later. I find things like that keep us connected and help me retain my sanity. Sometimes I message with Joseph for a few moments. Then I get to work writing. I write straight through until around 10:30 when I start feeling zombie-ish and sore.

10:30 - At 10:30, Toni has been up for about an hour, and while I walk around stretching my creaky muscles, I chat with him. I also get myself a snack and a second cup of coffee. I like to have nuts. I try to sit in the chair by the window while I eat my snack or outside if the weather is nice. (Yes, laundry is dealt with during this time too!)

11:00 - Back to work! I write more at my computer until 1:00. This is probably my most productive work period of the day. By 1:00, I am very hungry!

1:00 - Josie turns on The Chew, and I get myself some lunch while chatting with Esme and Lia. I have leftovers or deli meat rolled around greens or a sandwich. I like to drink diet soda with my lunch. I consider diet soda an integral part of my diet. OK, not really, but in my case, it does help me feel full and eat right. I take a long lunch and enjoy my kids' company.

2:00 - I take a very brief 10 minutes walk, and then I wash dishes and tidy the kitchen again very quickly!

2:15 - Back to work! Lots more writing to do. Right now I do about 20 pieces a day.

3:30 - Time to stretch and snack again. I also do my daily housework. I clean one specific area each day. If I miss it, it might have to wait until the next week so I take it fairly seriously. I also have the kids help with chores at this time.

4:00 - Yet more work. Josie does her math now, and there is often swearing involved. I write, taking time off to help her when necessary!

5:00 - YAY! Diana is usually pulling in the driveway after work unless she had errands to run. I spend some times reconnecting, work on finishing up dinner and try to fit in bringing in all the laundry. (I have to get it in before the dew falls which is early near our wood!)

6:00 - This is dinnertime. Except when we have company or it is a holiday (which we celebrate a lot of) or it is a family dinner night, we all eat at our computers. This is definitely down time for us! I take a break from work and do personal research or personal writing or just play a game. I also chat with Diana through messenger. We like to connect that way.

7:00 - Time to clean up after dinner. This evening period is my most hectic time of the day. I am definitely not a night person, and I usually feel pretty tired. I also fall of track and over multitask here. I do more work writing if I did not meet my goals for the day. I pack Diana's lunch. I prep coffee for the morning. Sometimes I have extra household chores or laundry to deal with. Often, the kids want to talk to me about various things. Diana likes to spend work evenings on her computer, but I bounce things off her when necessary and try to ask for support when I need it.

9:15 - This is when I like to get ready for bed. In reality, it often doesn't happen until 10:15 or later. I brush my teeth and hair and read in bed for awhile before I go to sleep.

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