Thursday, December 12, 2013

On the Table This Week

I haven't been making meal plans as strongly as I was for awhile. A bit less money for food had me scrambling to create 3 or 4 day plans and go from there. I think I am back to a regular schedule now. Here is our plan for this week!

Thursday - chicago style hot dogs, tater tots, buttery garlic broccoli w/parmesan

Friday - chicken pot pie, chocolate chip cookies

Saturday - baked potato & bacon soup, sandwiches

Sunday - dinner at my sister's house

Monday - cheese ravioli, salad

Tuesday - pizza

Wednesday - beef stroganoff

Still less planned out than I use to do, but I am just adding vegetables from what we have in the house or what is on sale. Tonight's dinner was quick and easy. I love hot dogs topped with pickle spears and thin tomato wedges. They taste so fresh and make one hot dog feel like a real serving.

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