Thursday, October 17, 2013

Menu Plan Thursday

Thursday - Fish Sticks, Mac & Cheese, Green Beans

Friday - Pork & Sausage Stir-fry w/Cauliflower, Pesto Pasta, Salad

Saturday - Baked Chicken Legs, Mashed Potatoes, Salad

Sunday - Leftover Baked Chicken Legs, Fried Potatoes, Roasted Garlic Broccoli

Monday - Spaghetti, French Bread, Salad

Tuesday - Creamy Mexican Rice w/Chicken, Tortilla Chips, Salsa

Wednesday - Hamburger & Potato Hash, Squash, Brownies

In our house, we make a lot of food for dinner. This is partly because we are three adults & two teens. It is also because we rely on leftovers for other meals and snacks. Another reason is that we don't all eat everything. Diana and I choose low-carb foods. The kids eat more of a variety. Everyone has some things that they just don't like. (For example, Josie dislikes peas, Lia would rather not eat fish, and Toni only has about 20 foods that make up 99 percent of his diet.) The last reason is that I do not enjoy cooking very much. I cook a lot to tide us over until I feel like cooking again. Once a day is pretty much my limit for preparing anything other than Diana's daily scrambled eggs!

This week we are going to my sister's for a Halloween/Birthday Party on Sunday so I may not make that meal at all. We shall see how hungry we are when we get home! Also, I do not want to stop at Wegmans on Sunday since we are busy so I focused our menu plan on sale items at local stores. Luckily Price Chopper has a decent selection of meats on sale this week, and Aldi is featuring several produce items with rock-bottom prices.

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