Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rudy's, Tiredness, Friends and More

So I am once again tired, and it is also really hot here.

I did have a good evening. Joseph treated us to Rudy's and Bev's, and we met with Karen, Nicki and Marie, and met Aaron and Mike. (Any of those names may be spelled wrong!) I was tense. Oddly enough, I think it was because I wore a bra, and I realize that some may find that too much information and others may think it simply odd! I may have to once again re-evaluate wearing bras in terms of my personal comfort levels.

I did somehow manage to get all my work done, even with going out. But I am more tired and out of it than I have been all week.

Tomorrow, I need to go out again to a bbq at Diana's mom's house. I wish I was staying home because the thought of two days in a row like this one is seriously intimidating! I will somehow deal though. I always manage to muddle through. I believe everyone does.

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