Sunday, July 7, 2013

Random Blog Post 'Cause I Like Blogging

Here I am, finishing up another long work day. I took a half day off Friday and all day Saturday. It was, for the most part, good.

I am tired now. (Yes, a trend.) I am done fairly early. I pushed myself very hard. I worry a lot about the quality of my work. I always try my hardest, but I do fear being fired.

Now, I make dinner for Diana and me. We are having tilapia (which is baking in the oven) and coleslaw (which is chilling in the fridge.)

I can't think of anything interesting to write.

Oh, I was doing some research on colleges, and I was a bit jealous. Things were so disorganized and took so long when I went to school. Today, there are online resources that give you so much information! Many colleges have these online registration systems that search for courses to fulfill your unmet requirements. Everything is so laid out in black and white. There is no guesswork involved in any of it: application, acceptance, financial aid, academic planning, course registration, graduation, etc. I like things being all lined up in a row like that!

My ideal job would involve a few hours a day manipulating, organizing and using information in a non-hostile environment, and then another few hours doing something physical outside like building building stone walls by myself. Yes, I am an odd one.

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