Monday, July 22, 2013

Birthday Fun

I am here.

Today is Diana's 43rd birthday, and the start of birthday week. JoAnn will be 17 on Thursday, and Ant will be 21!!! on Saturday.

Yesterday, we went to the beach at Fair Haven. Joseph came and Emma's whole family. Jenny and Aaron and Sadie came too at the last minute. (Lia was staying with them.) I grilled a bit, and we swam. We are going to go back in a couple of weeks, probably just the 5 of us, just to relax.

Today, Diana had special food for every meal. (That is what she wanted. :) ) She had super sweet cereal for breakfast, sushi for lunch, watermelon sherbet for afternoon snack and a hot dog bar for dinner. Her birthday treat was homemade chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches.

I am still not sure what we are doing for JoAnn's and Ant's birthday. We shall see.

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