Thursday, June 6, 2013

Time Management

I have been working on a time management project this week. I am pretty unhappy that I can't accomplish more each day. Everyone in my family tells me that I work harder than anyone should, but I never feel that is true. I always feel like if I just pushed harder, I could do enough.

So, I am trying to approach the problem logically. I am tracking my time sort of like I track my food. I have had some revelations. The first is that my income isn't consistent. I work pretty close to eight hours every day, and my income varies from between $55 and $100 for that period. Also, working eight hours with everything else on my plate really stresses me. Ideally I would work six hours five days a week. Unfortunately that isn't an option right now. I am working eight hours five days a week, 4 hours the sixth, and 2 hours the seventh. We are not quite making ends meet. The reality is not matching up with the ideal.

The second is that I spend way to much time preparing food. I don't even like cooking. I don't regularly cook for my whole family. Yet, I spend an average of four hours each day dedicated to preparing and eating foods and beverages. I have some ideas about how to reduce this. They cost money.

Everything else seems OK. I spend about an hour a day on laundry. That isn't bad when there are five of us, and I hang everything to dry and need to assist the washer which works poorly. I spend about an hour a day doing housework, mostly dishes. Lia and JoAnn help a lot with the other things. Ant has been doing a great job with the yard work. I love looking outside now. I keep my personal care time down to 30 minutes, and my walk takes an average of 30 minutes. (Longer with nice weather and super short today when it was raining!)

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