Friday, May 24, 2013

How I Spent My 46th Birthday

Birthday Morning

9:00 a.m. I hopped out of bed fairly well-rested. I slept in! I am pretty excited because I have been having my usual spring insomnia, and the previous three nights I wasn’t able to sleep until after 3, woke frequently and still woke by 8. I recorded my weight in Diet Power. Time to head into the bathroom to brush my teeth and take a shower. The house is quiet. Even JoAnn isn’t up!

10:00 a.m. I have finished my usual morning hygiene routine. Diana woke up after my shower, and then, when I came back into the living room, JoAnn was up with joyful happy birthday wishes. The sun popped out to play with me for a moment. I have some water, but it’s time to make the coffee!

JoAnn with Brithday Greetings

11:00 I spent a few moments finishing my water and reading my facebook happy birthday posts! I tried to get some music queued up through youtube, but it keeps crashing. Coffee is started. Laundry is started. I took down the portion of yesterday’s laundry that is dry (it was hanging in the living room) and folded it and put some away. Josie put hers away, and Ant’s and Lia’s are waiting in neat piles on the table for them to get up! I made Diana some iced coffee, and I have mine here hot. I am getting hungry! It is hard to believe that it is already 11:00. That is what happens when you sleep late!

Diana with Her Coffee

12:00 Breakfast is made, & Lia is up! Josie took a shower. I did some housework. I have some more housework to do, & I want to start some bun dough in the bread machine for dinner. My favorite dinner buns will be my birthday treat!

2:30 OK, I got sidetracked. I opened my email, and there were writing jobs to be done so I started in on those. While I was working, we had a huge thunderstorm! I hope the sun returns soon. Diana took a shower, & Ant got up! Lia and Josie are doing their computer stuff. I checked my email and realized that Ant hasn’t RSVP’d for dinner tonight. I hope he joins us! I have written for 2 ½ hours straight! Time for a break!

3:00 Buns started! A ton of dishes washed! Banana eaten! I am moving right along with the productivity. I have a pot of dark roast coffee on, and I am going to enjoy some iced when it is done. I am not sure what I will do now, but it will probably involve housework and laundry.

3:45 House is all the way clean for my birthday celebration! I was going to take some more photos, but Diana is busy with the camera. I can’t wait to see her photos! Ant & Jo have played some Super Smash Bros Brawl and Lia has been hooping. Rain threatens once more!

4:15 I spent a few minutes with Lia & then a few minutes with Diana. Next, I frolicked outside for a bit and took a short walk. The sun has broken through the clouds, and all of nature is drying from her bath.

4:45 Laundry hung, and buns shaped and rising. Still nursing my iced coffee. Josie is busy writing her annual prom story. Diana is editing photos, and Lia is skyping with her Shine friend, Edan.

5:00 I had a half a chocolate cupcake for a snack. I am not eating with health in mind today, but I am not over eating either. Coffee is now done.

5:10 I got up and did the few dishes that had accumulated. I am feeling restless, wishing the weather was consistent enough to sit outside in a dry chair and read.  I have book reviews I want to write, and it would probably be in our family’s best interest if I worked some more today, but I am lacking motivation. I think I will just take a step in that direction and hope some writing flows.

6:00 I got one more article done then my computer crashed! Buns are in the oven, and the celebration is about to begin!

9:15 My celebration is done. We ate salmon sandwiches, sauteed green beans and fool. We played three rounds of Uno. I won the first won, Diana won the second, and Lia won the third.  I had two cups of lime cola with gin for a treat.

10:45 Day is done. I have read my email & tidied the kitchen. Time to sleep.

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