Monday, May 6, 2013

Gratitude Post

Things I have to look forward to in the next couple of months:

Barbecue with Emma! Yay, next Sunday we are going visiting, and the culmination of the day will be a cookout with at Emma's with the family. I am hoping to make macaroni salad and bring marinated chicken breasts for Scott to grill. :D Maybe Josie can bake cookies! I don't have a timetable for the day yet, but it is definitely something to anticipate with joy!

Gevalia House Party! We are hosting a coffee party for a few people one Friday night this month. We are going to have luscious desserts (some diabetes friendly) & just relax. There has been such a good response to this that I think we are going to end up having more people here than we have in a long time!

Day with My Love! The day after our coffee party is the monthly day I take to spend both quality and quantity time with Diana. This month, we are heading into Syracuse. Who knows what the day will hold?

Teenz Service at Church! The very next day is the spring Teenz service at our church. The youth group takes over worship, and I love watching my kids shine on the altar.

My Birthday! May 23rd is my birthday, and this year, I am having a quiet dinner with just my immediate family at home that day. I plan on making it a celebration of rest for me. I look forward to having a minimal evening of quiet pleasures with those who know me best.

Memorial Day Barbecue! Sometime Memorial Day weekend, I am getting together with my extended family for a barbecue and day of fun! This is my favorite type of party, and I look forward to every single one! There is nothing that compares to getting to chat with my parents and siblings, accompanied by tasty food and fun!

Family Vacation!!! Yes, that requires THREE exclamation points! This year it is looking to be quite the adventure! We are starting with a visit to see our good friends, Rachel and Bill, who live in the Saratoga Springs area. We haven't seen them in several years. Then we are spending the night in at the Holiday Inn Express. We love the Holiday Inn express! It is our favorite hotel chain by far, comfortable beds, reasonable prices, great amenities and a delicious hot-breakfast bar! Then, we are heading to the We Shine Unschooling Convention at the wonderful Jellystone at Birchwood Acres Resort Campground. We will have six days with wonderful, unschooling people. Imagine, no one hollering at their kids!!! Everyone looking out for everyone else. People understanding and accepting differences, all at a great, clean campground with a pool, heated splash pool, hot tub, organized activities, social time, best playground in the world, etc. Really though, the best thing about this family vacation is that it recharges our family. It reminds us of those things we value and helps us remember how to live together in joy.

I could go on because I have even more plans to be grateful for in June, but this is far enough in the future to think about at the moment!

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